Since its creation in 1992, the work of the Calabash company has been intrinsically linked to the personal evolution of its choreographer Wayne Barbaste.

Societal, political and cultural issues are at the heart of this company. Since its origin, its objective has been to question our societies, to highlight the many dysfunctions and injustices they cause.

In his artistic approach, Wayne Barbaste mixes jazz dance, a condition for its renewal and constant enrichment, and places it within artistic transdisciplinarity. The use of video and the projection of recorded or live images is a constant in the research work carried out by the company. Each creation corresponds to a new device that the choreographer questions, based on his gestures, in his choreographic words.

In permanent residence in Cesson-Sévigné near Rennes (35) at its beginnings, this company moved in 2012 to the town of Seynod (74). Since 2016, the Calabash Choreographic Center in Lyon (69) has hosted the company as well as a training center and an amateur school.
In 2021, under the impetus of Wayne Barbaste, this company finds new life: a completely renewed troupe of dancers, resounding successes with the piece "in the crowd", and an ardent desire for new creations.

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